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Apply to a Scholarship



James P. Doyle (Jim) was a longtime educator and advocate for the arts as an integral part of education. Jim was a trustee and president of Burklyn Arts Council for many years and a friend.

Burklyn Arts Council scholarships acknowledge and encourage graduating 8th graders with artistic talent.


Please note that the most successful scholarships come in the form of materials. A voucher will be presented to those receiving lessons. This voucher should be filled in by the instructor after completion of lessons and mailed to Burklyn for payment.

Proof of purchase of materials is required prior to reimbursement from Burklyn – please submit copies of purchase orders, sales receipts, etc.

Traditionally this award has been given out as part of the graduation ceremonies of 8th graders at respective schools, with Burklyn Arts being mentioned as the contributor, while honoring the memory of James P. Doyle.

Final school selections of scholarship recipients should be submitted in time for our May meeting to be processed in a timely manner.

*Each request must be submitted with teacher recommendation and principal approval

*Individual requests must be limited to a maximum of $100
* Scholarship recipients will be announced after our May meeting
* Receipts for materials must be submitted to Burklyn for payment



This special scholarship was named for Burklyn Arts Council’s founder, Elizabeth Brouha. Elizabeth was an enthusiastic supporter of the arts with a vision that has carried us through to today.

*This scholarship is for a graduating senior(s) who has demonstrated excellence in the arts, has been accepted at a college, and plans to major in the fine or performing arts.

*$2000 is available for scholarship purposes, based on the number of applicants.

Criteria for selection:

  1. The student scholarship applicant will write a two-page essay on why he/she deserves the scholarship and how the scholarship will help in his/her goal of pursuing the arts in college and in the future.

  2. Three letters of recommendation: one from an academic teacher, one from Career Services and one from a teacher from  the field in which you plan to study in college.

  3. A high school transcript with mid-year grades through the applicant’s senior year.

  4. A sample of artist’s work (CD’s, portfolios, photographs of work, etc...).

  5. Completed Burklyn application.

NOTE: All confidential materials (ex. Transcripts) will be destroyed after Burklyn review.

*Completed applications with supportive materials are due for review at our April meeting.

*Winners will be announced at LI’s award night prior to graduation.

*Payment will be sent directly to recipient in the name of the respective college, for the first semester of freshman year.

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