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Applying for a Booth

The Google Form application above is now integrated with Square so that you can pay electronically! To streamline the financial process and to eliminate applications getting bogged down in a slow postal system, Burklyn's preference is for our artisans to use the Google Form Application.

However, if you need to do a paper application please follow the above link "Printable Application".

General Info

Burklyn fairs are open to artists and craftspeople who are residents of Vermont or Grafton or Coos counties of New Hampshire. All exhibited items are juried for excellence in craftsmanship and originality in design. Our fairs include free entertainment, children's activities, a raffle and homemade food all day. We are committed to making the admittedly hard work of a craft fair as easy on you as possible. (Suggestions accepted!)

Jurying Process

Burklyn Arts has a rigorous jury process, but also realizes that other organizations do as well. We at Burklyn want to remove the jury process for artisans who have already met the jury standards of our approved organizations.


If you are already a juried member of 802 Art House (previously Vermont Handcrafters), the NEK Artisans Guild, Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, or MAC Center for the Arts, Burklyn would like to provide you with a jury pass knowing that you have already proven the quality of your product(s). Your contact information and photo examples of your booth setup and complete array of the crafts you will be selling can be emailed to Please continue reading jury information.

  • The Burklyn jury consists of members of the Council’s craft committee, which includes artists chosen for their experience and high level of craftsmanship. The panel reviews each applicant’s work as objectively as possible according to Burklyn Arts Council standards. Your work will be reviewed by the jury and rated on its technical proficiency and originality as well as by the aesthetic judgment of the jurors, following specific guidelines. Overall presentation, including marketing details and booth design, are also considered.

  • Burklyn accepts work in clay, wood, glass, fiber, metal and other craft media. Fine art, photography, sculpture, and mixed media are also accepted. Burklyn does not accept work made from commercial kits, molds, patterns or stencils. Items made from the assembly of purchased parts or that are commercially produced and then decorated are not acceptable. Purchased beads in jewelry may be included only when used to accent or highlight a piece of the jeweler's own design and execution that is the central element of the piece. That is, commercially produced elements may be used only in a manner that transforms their original design. We accept some specialty food and drink items.

  • Applicants must submit a minimum of three samples of one craft to be juried. If you would like to sell more than one craft, please submit three samples of each craft. Most submit more than that to ensure an adequate representation of their body of work. We also encourage you to include photographs (thumb drives, websites and email are fine) in addition to the samples. Be sure to include a detailed description of your work process, including information on your techniques and anything else pertinent to understanding your art. Please also include a booth photo or description.

  • Retail prices and appropriate labeling for material content are required and should be included with your jury submission. Business cards, brochures and signage must be appropriate to the craft exhibited and for the fair.

  • Burklyn requires either a photograph or detailed description of your booth. No stored items may be visible during the show.

  • Jury samples may be shipped or brought in person to the jury. See the application form for details. We will return your shipped items, if you have included return postage. Jury results will be announced within seven (7) days of the jury.

The jury process is an excellent way to gather feedback about your work, especially if you are new to the business. Many craftspeople jury several times before gaining acceptance and becoming tenured artists.

Others may be accepted and placed on a wait list if the upcoming fair is already full or if that particular craft is over-represented at the upcoming fair.

If your work is not accepted, you may reapply to Burklyn after one year. If your work is not accepted due to the exclusions noted in paragraph 2, we will do our best to suggest other markets and fairs for which your work may be better suited.


10 x 10 pop up canopy booths may be open on all sides.  Burklyn will space them several feet apart from other exhibitors for your convenience. We still require that stored items not be visible to the public on any side.  Exhibitor vehicles may be driven to each booth for unloading but must be moved to a close by parking area by 9:30 AM.  No exceptions.

We cannot guarantee you a specific location except to accommodate a physical disability, although we will do our best to accommodate requests. Please consider using LED lights, and remember to bring chairs and heavy duty extension cords. All items not on sale or display must be concealed from public view during the fair. Exhibitors may not dismantle their booths before the end of the fair.

Electricity for your booth can be added for an additional $30. 

The Wildflower is working with an internet company to provide high-speed internet for the day.

Dates and Deadlines


March 2 Early jury at Lyndon Town School (shipped samples to be returned in two weeks) 

March 8 Jury status letters mailed/emailed

May 1 Application deadline

May 4 Late Jury at Lyndon Town School (shipped samples to be returned in two weeks)

May10 Jury Status letters mailed/emailed

May 15 No refunds past this date

June 15 Booth assignments mailed/e-mailed

The juries will be held at Lyndon Town School, 2591 Lily Pond Rd., Lyndonville, VT., 05851 starting at 9 a.m. on March 2nd and May 4th.

* Jury arrangements have been requested in your application or ask questions at

**Cancellation before April 15 will result in a full refund.  

**Cancellation between April 15 and May 15 will result in a 50% refund.

Set-up: Friday, June 28, 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, June 29, 6:30 to 9:30

**There will be no over night security after the evening time on Friday.


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